Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello Todai!

My life has been busy since the day I moved out from the previous dorm, and it got hectic especially from the 1st of April onwards. Moved to a new dorm (moving, buying furniture & stuff, unpacking etc.), lesson started (lots of procedures to follow, joined class trip etc) and here I want to say Hello to my brand new life, Hello Todai! Well, although I am staying at the dorm, but I mean I need to cycle 15 minutes to the nearest station and take 25 minutes of train to school. Tokyo got not enough space for the dorm to be in campus so, ya that's the reason I guess lolx. Well, I still can't really get used to the tiring daily routine yet but I am trying my best now. Within a week of school life, I slept on train and missed the station to go home for twice already 0.0 Okay I have too many photos to share so 废话少说, here we go! These are the photos of my campus taken by Anthony, followed by university entrance ceremony, class trip, Esther's birthday and purikura with Tid-ti of her visit yesterday.

We are all under 教養学部 for the first 2 years at Komaba campus.
I believe this is the newest building among all the old old ones lolx.
This is the station in front of the campus.
Sakura in the campus.
My university is using Macbook 0.0
I was so stupid that I didn't even know how to print files =p
On the way to attend 入学式 at 武道館.
I am under 理科1類.
We reached quite early and I was sitting at the middle & 2nd rows 0.0
A lot of people! *0*
My 学生証 and 定期券.
2nd year seniors of my class during class trip to 群馬県.
Kompa night where they drink and this is one of their culture.
My face turned red and hot after 2 cups of alcoholic drink oops.
Instead of fruits hunting (fruits picking) by the original plan, we went for fruits & cakes buffet.
Simple dinner at Korean restaurant for Esther's birthday celebration.
Wuuu it's hot & spicy.
I tried the new one wow!
Hohoho so hot & spicy & delicious!
With rahmen & rice inside.
Happy birthday Esther! =D
The dog doesn't look big in the photo but he's GIANT! lolx!
He is sooo big that it looks like bear =p I want!!!
Purikura with Tid-ti!
Pang, when shall we meet up then? =(
Part of my things when I was about to move =.="
Perhaps this was one of the best sakura scene to me this year, along the road of my previous dorm. When I just came to Japan last year and went for 花見, I got no camera to take the photos of sakura. Now I have one but I was busy and missed the chance =( However, due to bad weather and consecutive raining, the sakura this year isn't really nice.
Nevermind, I will wait for the sakura next year =)
My things blocked my way on the first day I moved. I like my current room actually except the small toilet oops! Will update you guys once I really finished tidying my room lolx!

And well, please visit again for my update of Osaka trip =)