Saturday, July 30, 2011

A special day of?

Why is it so good today?
It's just simply because ...

* I heard David Tao's song once I tuned on the online FM this morning

* the weather is just nice with some little rain in the morning

* went for sushi alone after about 1 week+ since the last time I had it

... etc. but most important is that

it's my best friend's GRADUATION DAY today!!!

The day of 3 years ago, I was in NTU having the MSA freshmen orientation together with her. Three years later I have already left Singapore and she has done her degree! I feel bad for not being able to attend her graduation ceremony. The days of 7 months being at NTU, with her as my roomie to share every single moment, be it happiness or the sh*tty one, I really enjoyed my days and thanks for everything! Sometimes things change when one grows up but there are always certain things would never easily change, just like I love David's song as much as 12 years ago, just like our 17-years-friendship as good as it has always been =)

Happy Graduation Soo Chia!!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The After?

The reason I wrote this post is that ...

can you actually tell that I've actually just permed my hair?! -.-

Well I know this sounds like a joke as even me myself also can't really see the difference of the before/after. I have always been enjoy going to salon but it's quite a disappointing one this time, for various reasons. This was not cheap arghh but anyway, just to be positive, see it as I did some donation :(

Thursday, July 14, 2011


"Hey, let's meet up!"

"Sure! When & where?"


"Okay see u then!"

And yeah, we finally met up with Pang since the last winter oh my.
Despite the fact that we haven't met each other for long, we could still talk & have fun just like 2 years back.
This is the thing I treasure among us and that's what we call, Friendship!

"Oh ya, let's make our Southeast-asia-trip happened!"

Yea this sounds cool isn't it? =p It was actually our plan before entering university. Too bad it's hard for us to match the holiday plans and eventually it did not come to a success. Summer holiday is coming very soon. It's either we do it now or never, as we will be freaking busy from this onwards until we graduate. Since we are all from different countries, and being a southeast asian we should get to know more about our own places right! We spent the whole night discussing and came out with a rough itinerary. Finally we see something!! I really hope we can make it and I am so looking forward to having my summer holiday yayaya!

Oh I love this photo!
Ignore my look please it was such a bad-hair-day. My hair grows so fast and it doesn't look like the one I used to have after my haircut 2 months ago. I am going to cut my hair again soon as he keeps complaining this hairstyle doesn't suit me O.o lolx! Everytime when I look at those magazines or variety shows seeing those people could set their hair nicely, or have their hair tied nicely especially plait, I feel so envy and wish I could have one like them but hmmmm :( Nevermind, I should feel grateful that I am not bald XD 知足常乐 :D