Sunday, June 29, 2008




Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Dog bite + Nibong Tebal gathering~

Gosh, I was bitten by a dog behind my house last Saturday. I thought I could enjoy and farewell for my dear friends the following week since all of us are going to different universities respectively soon. But sad case I was bitten and got stitched some more. Luckily my baby dog is safe, or else I will cry like hell =.=' The scene when the dog was rushing towards me was sooo scary. I screamed so loud that the dog's owner ran out to see what had happened. Some of the teenagers stopped playing football as well and stepped aside. Siasoi-nya. What made me feel much better was, Ming Yeow together with my buddies came to my house for a visit just the night after I was bitten. Soooo nice=) Ming Yeow, Mii Tze, Soo Cheng, Shaw Chian, Kooi Pin, Siew Leng, Xin Yu. Thanks very much! I'm so glad for your concerns. So as my another 3 buddies (I don't have to mention your names, you guys know who I'm saying=p), I'm almost recovered. Ming Yeow so naughty recorded what I described the dog bite because I had repeated over and over again that night. Haha =p

Next, we went to Shaw Chian's house for a small gathering. He cooked seafood spaghetti for us and it was soooo tasty! Thanks for Shaw Chian's spaghetti and Wen Liang's "ang dao ka" (Ice-blended red bean). I really enjoy the time together with you guys. So happy and no worries. Thanks my friends. Promise me that we must meet up at least once a year in the future, okay?

The 2 wounds after 3 days. I didn't show another small wound. Ha

Sampat-nya =p



Are you guys promoting toothpaste by showing your clean, white teeth?

Soo Cheng, what are you looking at? Hoho. And why Ming Yeow so blur in this picture huh?

Both are my BFs! BoyFriend and Best Friend! Hehe!

Yes I mean 3 of you =) Friendship forever!

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Entering university?

Okay, it's time to post something or else my friends keep complaning =p I went autocity KFC with soo chia on wednesday to meet up some of NTU seniors. They explained to us things to do prior to arrival at NTU on coming July and they've been very helpful. I met a girl from convent butterworth who is going to be my coursemate (but we didn't talk to each other actually). However, to my suprise, my request for a change of course to Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering (CBE) has been approved yesterday! I was so excited as I was informed by the office that my appeal was unsuccessful few weeks ago. I never thought they'll offer me this course since they told me the admission to CBE is extremely every year. I'm really suprised. Before this I've already got ready to accept doing Chemistry and Biological Chemistry(CBC) at NTU. Wow. I think this is the first good news I got this year=p Hope that I can cope with the stress studying there. And, I did my passport yesterday morning. The stupid officer was soooo lazy to speak and she was doing her things soooo slowly. After I filled in the form and took the photo, another officer came to replace the lazy one. Okay, this looked better, not to lazy, but he didnt let me to do my passport at a discount rate of half price (as study oversea can have the rebate). He asked me to show him my receipt of payment of NTU tuition fees other than the offer letter and acceptance letter. I told him we'll only have to make the payment after we have matriculated. Then he went to ask another officer. Waited, waited, and waited. An officer came to me and said they could give me the rebate, then asked me to show her my acceptance letter. Gosh! I've already printed out and the letter was already on her hand. Don't tell me she doesn't understand English???? =.= I was soooo sweat! I wonder how can they be the Immigration officers if they don't know English?.....I was irritated and thought wanna fill in the feedback form of their services. I know my english is not a good one but I mean, at least you must understand some as you are the officer. Haiz. Luckily I could settle all the problems at last. Ha, here I end my story and ming yeow is going to finish his work few more minutes later. Today last day. Yeah =p