Friday, February 26, 2010

Disney Chocolate

Just want to upload the lovely Disney Sea chocolate photo which I mentioned in the earlier post. It's sooooo lovely =)
I wonder who still keep reading my blog now. Most of my blogs are about food/chocolate and people might find it sooo boring. Sometime I put some photos about my life, because I know my parents are reading my blog and I want to share those photos with them. Other than that, I guess most of the time I write the blog just for my own reading? Hmmm...

Thursday, February 25, 2010

My days at JLC

It's really hard to believe that I have finished my 1 year Japanese language course. I was still enjoying my holiday back in Penang at this moment one year before. Earlier than that, I was still in NTU, emo-ing for didn't want to come, woke up in the morning and cried, and my tears woke my roomie up =.=" I was still someone who didn't know Japanese at all, not even konichiwa/konbanwa, but look, I can speak and write Japanese now (although not a good one =p) Isn't it amazing? Bwuhaha! Thanks for all my friends & family for supporting me all the time and I am the one who I am now. Thanks Fiona for asking me to learn hiragana before I came =) And of course, all my teachers who have been putting so much effort in this whole year. From zero to now. If I was the teacher, I would definitely feel very proud and happy.

做老师的, 最大的欣慰莫过于看到自己的学生有一番作为吧?!
一定很光荣, 很值得骄傲!

Here are some photos of my Japanese class, Physics & Chemistry lessons.
F class.
My Japanese teacher, Tsuchiya-sensei.
With Tid-ti & Domondo-sensei after taking chemistry paper result.
Din, Domondo-sensei, Anthony.
Tid-ti & me. Ah she's so small size & thin.
Physics class, with Michiwaki-sensei.
She is going to retire this year.
Here come our last chemistry experiment!
Mixing hexane-1,6-diamine & terephthaloyl chloride to make nylon.
Don't even look pro =.="
Oops, it looks like egg.
500mL cylinder =p
Thursday chemistry class.

52 Monbukagakusho scholars from all over the countries.
Here ends our one year course at JLC and next we are heading to different places different universities.
Bye, all my friends.
I will remember this one year and I am gonna miss it so much.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Crazy week

Last week was a crazy week, where I had all the presentation, thesis and lots of reports to hand in. Okay, finally it's over but now I am having a 3-day-exam and tomorrow will be the last day, which means here come my one-month-holiday! However, there are some procedures to follow up and stuffs to do so I cannot go back T.T I wish to, actually.. =( Went to Tokyo University 本郷 campus for the interview last Monday, honestly I think I screwed it up, yet I haven't received any news about it so far. Ahhhh. Kill me please. Popi popi me T.T

p/s: Do I look stupid in the suit? (2nd photo)

Friday, February 19, 2010

It's my birthday ♥ (cont'd) & Valentine's day chocolate

Wow! I got this Disney Chocolate from Esther as birthday present!
Thanks so much! It's so lovely ♥
I haven't opened it because 我不舍得.
Since young ago, I like to collect things and stuffs, that's why everytime when I buy new shirts I will normally just keep it but not wearing it =.="
It's the same reason, 不舍得.

Besides that, I've got this chocolate from Esther for Valentine's day gift.
She gave all of us a pack of chocolate + a letter.
Thanks again!
Well, look at the lovely chocolate that I received from host family.
I told my mum I am not going to eat it because it's too nice, but mum says later if it melts then I will get nothing eventually.
So, I decided to eat it this morning.
Eat eat and eat, and I've finished half box of it =.="
It's so nice!

I feel good when I eat chocolate =D

p/s: Thanks Kim Chi for Ghana chocolate as valentine's day gift as well =)
Thanks 五島先生 for Meiji chocolate to all of us in her 聴解 class too!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

It's my birthday ♥

从小到大, 家人及身边的好友们都知道,
对我而言, 生日, 真的很重要.
今年的生日, 有喜有悲, 为什么呢?

开心的是, 收到许多朋友的祝福, 还有些礼物.
再加上昨天听到了关于好朋友的好消息! =D

伤心的是, 不能回家过生日,
想着睡一会儿再去准备上课, 怎知却逃了两堂课,
好逃不逃, 却在毕业前上课的最后一天翘课了 =.=
再加上, 这是我从小到大第一年过没有生日蛋糕的生日...
而且, 有想到为什么我会那么得空在生日当天写blog吗?...

我了解, 朋友们都因为功课而忙得团团转, 我并没有怪他们,
昨晚还来我房间聊天到2点多, 真的谢谢你们! =D
忙碌中抽闲, 我很珍惜! 还有生日"食"物 =)
还果然今年收到的全都是吃的, lolx!

Pang 送的chocolate parfait.
Kyoon 送的韩国chocolate pie.
更让我惊喜的是, homestay host family 送来的 Mary's Chocolate!

Host family 妹妹送的巧克力.
Mary's chocolate party!
Host family 父母送的巧克力.

这就是我的生日, 养母说到时候3月多会帮我补庆祝生日=D
今年, 没有蛋糕的生日, 没有朋友一起吃晚餐的生日...
我在想着, 有股冲动想要明天去为自己买个大蛋糕来吃, 可以吗?
好丑... ='(
人该知足常乐, 我该往快乐的一方面去想.

Cory, Happy Birthday!
Birdly, 生日快乐!
Khe Shin, Selamat hari jadi!
祝我, 生日真的快快乐乐! =D

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anthony's 21st birthday

It's kind of late for me to post it now. Anthony's birthday was on 5th of Feb, and we went to La' Pausa restaurant for pizza & pasta buffet dinner. It was double the price of the buffet we usually have, but I would say, how much you pay and how much you get, where I found this buffet was really nice! We made reservation and went in a group of 12. I like it so much because not only the pasta & pizza were nice, this buffet is not self-service, which is different with most of other buffet. You can order ANY pizza or pasta from the normal menu, then they will go and prepare and make it and serve it 热腾腾 for you lolx! It's so nice isn't it? Well, it's so cold recently. The colder it is, the thicker we wear, the more we eat =.=" I used to wear 3 layers last time but now, 5?! lolx! Okay, here go photos! (p/s: just took the photos of some pizza & pasta)

And this is when we went to karaoke after that.
Why karaoke again? Perhaps it's the only entertainment in Japan =.="