Thursday, January 22, 2009

Pre-Chinese New Year~

Yeah the chinese new year is just around the corner (it sounds stupid to say this as everyone knows it =.=") and I'm going back Penang tomorrow night yuhoooo! I miss Penang so much! Yesterday after sat for my elective test, I went to school computer lab to print notes. Well, I met some other coursemates there. They were busying doing programming assignment while me and another friend were so lazy for it. We were surfing net, doing nonsense stuff and after that we go for an online survey about our school canteen called "Food Connection". Actually the canteen is really good enough, with some fast food restaurants located at level 1 other than the upstairs food stalls selling a wide variety of food. Yet my friend was so "guai gu" that he gave a lot of comment in the survey form. One of the interesting part was that he suggested the canteen should add more stalls selling more international food. He listed some of the countries like Hong Kong, Taiwan, Italy bla bla bla and not to forget (especially) Penang food! When has Penang become a country instead of a state which it used to be? Lolx! It's ok I understand it as my friend is missing Penang food tooooo much already haha. Yeah we are proud to be Penangites =p

It's too bad that I'll only have 5 days of CNY holidays this year T.T It's indeed short but it's still better than none, right? I will appreciate these 5 days in Penang, together with my family & Baby, him and friends =) Yuhooo I'm coming back soon, wait for me!!! lolx. Oh ya I went to Chinatown with Soo Chia and Yen Shin last Saturday. Wow it was sooo crowded and there were a lot of stalls selling CNY food along the streets especially Taiwan Mochi which we have also bought some go back Penang. Although it was sometime a little bit uncomfortable to be in the crowd but we really enjoyed it most of the time. At least we could feel the new year celebration and forget about tons of to-do-homework accumulating in the room =p We had taken some photos but those photos are still with Yen Shin, so photos are to be uploaded once I get it from her =p Last but not least

Happy Chinese New Year

to all of you! Just like the greeting from NTU President,
" For the Chinese, 2009 marks the year of the Ox (or Buffalo), an animal in the zodiac symbolising determination, patience and reliability, so apt, in the current economic climate. "
So all the best to all of you. Sure we can fight global economic recession. Wish you have a prosperous Chinese 牛 Year (so don't forget to eat McDonald's Prosperity Burger =p )

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Happy Birthday??

Ya, it's time for me to blog now or else it will "发霉" again which it's used to be previously =.= It has been 12 days being in Singapore after the long long 5 weeks holidays in Penang. 12 days are considered short enough, but it seems like I have been here for many months already. Perhaps too many things happened within this period. Ups and downs. Sometime I really think that I shouldnt be so stubborn for not listening to my sister's advice last time. But since this is the final decision I've made, I shall bear the responsibility for it. 2009 is going to be the year of 21-year-old birthdays for most of us. Well, tomorrow will be his big day. I'm so guilty for not preparing any gifts or what for him, not even have the chance to celebrate with him... I'm really sorry about that. I promise that I'll replace back once I'm back in Penang ok? Sorry for being hot-tempered always and thanks so much for being so considerate. I do truly appreciate it! Another thing is, don't be sad that you might not celebrating my birthday with me as well, I'm ok with it. I don't have any big hope this year, I want nothing but just you and my family stay happy always! Ya it's also another of my good friend's birthday tomorrow. One of the friend that I treasure our friendship, Wei Hong. Happy birthday! Happy can actually be very simple but many people just never know about it. So look at the person or things around you. Smile to them. You'll definitely feel happier after that. Lolx. *craps craps.....* =.=

p/s: Happy birthday again sister (although your birthday has just past). I can't wait to meet you and family during Chinese New Year! Hooray I'm going back in 8 days! =)

Friday, January 2, 2009

First post of Year 2009

Three more days to go to start a new semester. I’m so reluctant to end this holiday & back to school. Yeah, I know I can come back again another 3 more weeks. But, how good to be true if I could stay at home everyday enjoying nice food together with family, how greedy I am. Year 2008 went so fast. Met some juniors recently, some of them are still studying; some are working part-time while waiting for the release of public exam results. Gosh, suddenly feel myself so old now. Oh wait, why am I still in Penang now? I was supposed to go Malacca with sister on Tuesday but suddenly fell sick and was forced to stay at home. So sad was I, and so guilty was I for giving so much trouble to my sister. She has actually bought me bus ticket to go back Sg from Malacca. Haiz, stupid of me T.T And not to forget, I wanna thanks MY for taking care of me while I was sick. *touched* Oh ya, I don't have Bio module next sem HOORAY! Hopefully can maintain my performance at school. Jiayou Cory!

Wish that family stay healthy & happy with no worries.
Cheers for relationship & friendship that will never end.
Wish to have a better life at uni.

Last but not least,
and this is the most important one...
*World Peace*

Happy New Year 2009!!!