Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Happiiieeeeee! ♥

Wuhoo! Can I say I've never been so excited since quite long time ago already? Too many things happened in a day which made me feel so happy although it might be just simple or small case or simply a WTH for u guys, but I just wanna say, I WAS SO EXCITED!! =p
  • Early morning I went to the office to check for my parcel as a friend told me he sent me something 3 weeks ago and should have already arrived. Guess what, I got Neuhaus chocolate all the way from Belgium omg! I was almost speechless when I received it because I was too excited! It was awesome! Thanks a lot Keng Fei! (Although the chocolate melted =p)
  • I received another mail, which I have cash voucher for the lucky draw of Hershey's ice cream! HAHAHA! I spent so much on chocolate and ice cream and FINALLY I got some returns! =p I was really happy because I have never been so lucky, as in since young ago I know I am not the lucky person that would win for any lucky draw or stuff. It's miracle! =p
  • Finally went for haircut to refresh after the first half of stupid final exam =( Plan to perm my hair again before going back home. Should I color my hair? Come come give me some suggestion~
  • Lunch and shopping session with Lin Hui. On the way to Shibuya, there was free Coke giving away hoho. Just like the small size of the tin. It's still in my fridge though lolx.
  • Bought myself clothes from Zara & Forever 21! Love those shops here with many sales hoho! H&M too! But too bad Gap is always not something for me, just because of the size and I am always too short for their pants/jeans ='(
  • It's 31st! It's BR day! Not to feel sorry to ourselves, never lost the chance to grab ourselves some sweet sweet ice creams! =D
  • Lastly, on the way home, stopped by at Lawson to buy Naruto potato chips for him which is 105yen only haha omg so cheap! (but why I ended up eating all the chips and left only the bottle for him every 3 times I bought them? T.T)
31st of July! I will remember the day

My neuhaus!!
Melted but WHO CARES! It's still neuhaus! =p
First layer.
Second layer.
Third layer.
Before haircut.
After haircut 0.0
Lovely can.
Lin Hui & I.
Snowman in summer! hahaha!
SS (syok sendiri) 0.0
By the way my mirror is big isn't it? =p
Naruto potato chips.
Itu u punya 一楽ラーメン!