Wednesday, April 29, 2009


Today got no school, and I sit in front of my laptop since I woke up until now. Just don't feel like going anywhere today as I was like hanging out almost everyday and I have quite many homework to be done by tomorrow. Yet, I don't feel like doing it now. I got no mood to do my homework, I miss my family so much when I'm alone in my room, I don't feel like doing anything but surfing net without any purpose, and I keep craving for food especially sweet stuffs -----> chocolates! (Ming Yeow I guess you feel like wanna faint when you see this again right? lolx)

It has been a few days ago since I video-called with my parent, just because my dad's laptop hard disc has burnt out. When will be the hard disc drive ready? I can't wait for it already! T.T I miss home more when I'm alone, but I can't call back because it's expensive, even a sms will cost me 100yen =.=" Dad, mum, sisters and my baby dog, what are you all doing now? What about you Ming Yeow? Having fun at home with JJ? Arghhh envy so much~ T.T

I was so glad that one of my friend suggested to have a chocolate fondue gathering yesterday, and we had our wonderful chocolate eating last night, hooray! I'm well known as someone who's so keen on chocolate among my friends, oh my god! There was a day when my friend entered the elevator where I was there as well, my friend claimed that he smelled chocolate, then the others spontaneously looked at me =.=" Everyday I tell myself not to spend on chocolate but I fail to do so ... I don't know how am I going to survive without chocolate someday, but I keep telling myself to eat less so that I can save money to go home, lolx =)

Our chocolate & junk food party!
Chocolate fondue & sweet sweet strawberries + bananas!
Chocolate again~
Katsudon カツ丼~
Dorayaki (the one Doraemon likes to eat)
My favourite apple + rojak
(I ate 3 big apples on that noon =.=")
Lunch at school cafeteria (buffet type, take anything you like).
Mc Pork of McDonalds in Japan =)
Sundae cup (slightly different taste of Vanilla).
Ootoya bento set 大戸屋お弁当!
Dad (on seafood eating day when I was still in Penang).
Dad & Baby!
Mum and Baby! (same clothes? =p)
Sis Hedy with her nice nice drawings.
Sis and Derrick.
Sis Olivia with? lolx!
Ming Yeow & me.
Baby! Just found this photo in my laptop.
Was eating icecream together with him =) Me & Adina from Romania. Plamena from Bulgaria & me. Me & Esther from Singapore. My sensei & classmates. Outside the campus. One of the campus entrance.
Add oil add oil! Cory コーリ!

Friday, April 24, 2009


一个星期又过去了,在这里的生活还过得蛮充实的.到日本三个星期了,上了11天的日文课,虽然自己知道自己的语文学习能力有待改善,但还蛮开心可以在这么好的环境下学日语.其实我们是在东大外语系的校园上课,所以若有机会接触到那些日本学生,都是修外语的.或许也是这个原因,他们显得比较轻且、和蔼、喜欢跟外国人交谈.为了帮助学习日文,我和朋友也去参加了他们的课外活动----"A capella Club"!也就是在没有乐器的伴奏之下,大家用声音来组成一首歌曲,大家还相处得蛮不错的!


这个星期开始,除了平时的日文,我们也开始学习汉字了.我还蛮庆幸自己懂中文,至少学汉字时就较容易上手,但唯一不好的是,要认真看好那汉字的写法,因为有好多字都是与中文相似但不完全一样.首先从简单的汉字开始学起,这一切让我回想起小时候上小学时,经常有一大堆笔顺要写,老师的叮咛不时就出现在脑海里=p 蛮期待自己可以说出一口流利的日语那一天的到来,那时候就要看着汉字念出日语,哇! =p

没什么时间update blog,只是挑了几张照片来分享而已,有空的话就到Facebook去看看吧! =)

Bento! Hanami!
Girls photo! =p
1 2 3 JUMP!!!
親子丼! 为什么有这个名字呢?因为它主要是鸡肉&鸡蛋,就像亲子那样,听了这个故事之后吃的时候觉得有点残忍 =.="
Friends~ =)
Origin Bento!
すきや. I like 丼! Hehe.
Ia's birthday! Nice nice fruit cake!
JLC students!
(别问我这是什么, わかりません =p)
黑碟唱片?大喇叭? Hehe!

现在的我还不什么懂日文,每天最擅长的就是一直点头说"はい" (hai = 是) =.=" 不懂暑假是否可以回家一趟,好吧,就把回家当作动力来学好日文,学不好就不能回家........ T.T (我不要!!! =p)