Saturday, April 26, 2008

Yeah =)

Okay, we went to change the defective pendrives just now. We were told by the promoter that the batch of 4Gb Tomato pendrives sold at Penang PC Fair got some problem. Hiu! No wonder! We thought this brand was so "cheap" until the malfunction probability is 0.75. Ha. But now only we know the fact! Actually this brand is good. We can change a new one back if the pendrive got any problem, and again, it's for lifetime. For other brands, they need to send to factory to repair but not one to one exchange. Luckily the promoter changed a new one for us, a newer version and design which costs rm6 more than the previous one. Yeah, at least we not RUGI ha=p I recommend you to buy it if you like the features. It's not bad actually. Just we were so UNLUCKY that day. Ha.

This is the previous one. T1 USB Flash Drive.Then we changed to this. Xs Serial.

Sweets USB Flash Drive. Cute huh?

Hope that my feedback about this brand of flash drive can help you guys as well =)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Bad luck =(

Last Sunday morning, I went to Pikom PC Fair at PISA together with my friends. Well, we had decided to buy something back that day as preliminary preparation for going uni few months later. The PC Fair at PISA drew a large crowd compared to the Kepala Batas 1 (for sure =p). Mii Tze kept surveying for laptop, Ming Yeow was searching for printer while I was just looking for pendrive since I had no money to buy other things=p. We met many Jit Sin alumni there, working as part-time promoter, they are so hardworking and we are just the opposite. Ha. Initially, we came to a kiosk selling various brand of laptops. Mii Tze asked the promoter to get more information so that she could compare the price later. She brought the brochure and then came to Dell site. A Dell promoter claimed that the dealer was fake one when he saw the brochure in Mii Tze's hand. Gosh, it was not the authorised dealer to sell Dell computers, but the brochure was so true. Luckily she was not cheated. Ok, she bought a laptop from the authorised company eventually and subscribed Maxis broadband since there was an offer to Dell's customers. Then, Ming Yeow's turn to buy a Epson printer with reasonable price. I was still "empty-handed". Ha. After lunch, we squeezed into the stadium again to survey for second round (so free huh =.="). They bought some other computer accessories. Before going back, we saw a pendrive with nice design and faster speed. The brand is Tomato. The price was ok. We bought four 4Gb pendrives. One for Mii Tze, one for Ming Yeow and another two for my dad n myself. However, we found that 3 out of 4 pendrives failed to function, left mine is functioning only. Luckily the brand is of international lifetime warranty. We are going to change it tomorrow. Can you find out how much is the malfunction probability? 0.75, gosh! Then, I was told by my dad that the CD-Rs I bought were of the same problem. Sh*t, the promoter told me that it was a better brand but now? I think I'm not going to change it since the shop is located at Pg island. Haiz, I've never been so unlucky before =.=" I tell myself that I wont trust any other "unfamous" brand anymore =(

Saturday, April 19, 2008


亲情+友情+爱情万岁!!! =)