Saturday, January 26, 2008

Happy Saturday~

Yeah, finally i hv my very own free time to rest, yuhoo!
Today is just a simple saturday, but i really enjoyed it
long time no go shopping with him ord,hoho!

he's driving =p
he was happy with his garlic bread and soup
and so was i =)
he snap this when i was eating
then v went for a movie, The Game Plan,
and this is the steamboat prepared by mum
i ate a lot!sooo delicious!
actually v just wanna test the cooker =p
i really wish that i have more free time to spend with my family and him
erm, i'm thinking to quit manhattan job, but havent decided when yet
although i cant earn many, and i'm going 2 have no job again on march after finish the GSTT period
but i really wish to quit it, because i'm guilty for not doing good preparation for my teaching stuff n my tuition
if i really quit, i think it can help me to slim down too =.="
because i ord used 2 eat supper every night after work (11pm)
and i really became "fatter" than before, aduhh
okay, give me some time to decide what should i do
and i must jiayou with my teacher work, it's really tough for me!
"Cikgu Lye" , add oil! =.="

Friends Gathering...

Okay, finally i'm free today
and now only i wanna blog stg bout a gathering with my friends last friday
mingyeow,miitze,yingchoon n soocheng waited me at sunway carvinal till 11pm i finished work
then v went to mcdonalds n chit chat,met up with wei hong there
finally,finally 6 of us can gather,yuhoo
it was just a simple gathering,but i really appreciate it
v gathered until around 130am,oh gosh,i stil hv to go sch the next day
but,wat to do,i think v dont have much time to gather like this ord
hey guys,u all r my buddies foreva~i miss u all! =)

stupid me with uniform =.="

aduh this pic so blur lar

Monday, January 21, 2008



但至少没有埋没我的才华ok? (有点骄傲对吧? =.=" 太讨厌她了)

Thursday, January 17, 2008

ming yeow's birthday

hohoho,it was ming yeow's birthday (16 jan)
and so as wei hong's,
erm,i just went out with mingyeow at night since morning v hv 2 work
just went to eat n shop,i didnt give him any gift,so bad of me izzit? =.="
gotta wait my salary first omg omg

ok this is just my tamciak face

whole day work makes his eyes going close soon =.="

ah ha this one better =)
happy birthday ming yeow =)

my so called "holiday"

well, while waiting for the release of stpm results
i'm currently working as a part-time waitress at sunway carnival manhattan fish market
gosh,majority of the staffs there r malays,i'm d only chinese (except two of the manager)
who m i going 2 talk to everytime when i feel bored? =.="
i got nothing to talk with them,suffering,arghh
while some of my friends r still enjoying their holidays now,
i'm going 2 take up another part-time job ---> GSTT
which stands for Guru Sandaran Tidak Terlatih
i'm going 2 start my teaching on this coming friday at sjk c kuang hwa
pity the students who i gonna teach,
coz i just replace a teacher who's having her confinement period
to teach..........................bahasa melayu
aduhhhh,another suffering job for me
then start from next week,morning teach,night work manhattan till 11pm
summore teach piano + add maths tuition (this can make me vomit..ask me y if u wanna know =p)
arghhhhh,hope i can still survive with this busy life
hope can save money for future study!add oil cory! =)

Friday, January 11, 2008


well,finally i've created a blog
this might be a good news for my friends,
especially the 3 ( sc,jas,yf,u know i'm mentioning u guys =p )
hoho,i'm gonna blog with my broken english
is ok rite?at least i blog something for u guys to see
hoho,touch?happy? =p
but sorry to say i may not blog that often..hmmmm..