Sunday, July 6, 2008


今天看了超级星光大道2的播出, 让我非常感动.
这一集特别精彩, 有许多感动又好笑的片段,
本来听陶子说起萧煌奇这个名字时, 没有什么特别的感觉
但听Yuming唱他的歌和叙述他的故事时, 我被打动了...
这我才知道他是一位失明的歌手, 但他却能够用音乐来感动大家
Yuming唱"你是我的眼"唱得很不错, 歌词非常棒!
让我想起新加坡的superstar William,
上天真的是公平的, 他们看不见, 但却有一把悦耳的嗓子...
所以, 不要埋怨你所拥有的, 要在失去前就会懂得珍惜...

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

24 June 2008, Tuesday

Uh-ah, I forgot to post about this until today. I went to sing k with my buddies. First we had dim-sum breakfast at Butterworth, then went shopping to buy some formal wears for Ming Yeow, after that Wei Hong joined us and we went V-spot for karaoke. Well, this was the first time I went to sing k with them, haha but we really enjoyed that. Erm, it was the first time I stepped into V-spot. I think that Redbox is much better and cheaper. Hmm. Lazy to blog already. Here are some photos taken. Have a look =)

Soo Cheng : C'mon "lim teh" and eat with us.

Ming Yeow : Hmmm.. Ho Chiak!

Cory : I got drink tea now. Don't look down me huh!

Mii Tze : Do you want some egg tarts?


A bit serious huh? =.=

Where were we? Genting? lolx. The lens was blur lar!

Ming Yeow - the camera man =p

Mii Tze and I, my bestie.

I'm gonna miss you all sooooo much! =(