Tuesday, June 30, 2009

"Healthier" eating habit

Tah-da! How does this look? Not bad right? Finally I did what my mum asked me to, buy some tomatoes to eat when I feel like munching something. Well, I still take about the same amount of chocolate and junk food everyday, but I decided to eat this salad too as part of the "junk food" so that I won't feel so guilty and worry if I will get diabetes. It's so simple and nice, all I need to do is just to fry the egg, while the tomatoes and lettuce can be eaten raw.

Well, since I'm going back SOON, I got to finish those frozen food in my fridge. I still have some pancakes left, so I decided to make this so called Cory's Handmade Burger just now, it's about the same ingredients, just added tuna & corn can food to make it better. And this is how it looks.

Look so healthy right? Yuhoo, I guess this is the best meal that I had ever made, since I don't have to cook anything other than frying egg bwuhaha! Yeah I love this, I am satisfied with it. Oops the ingredients are soooo much until it couldn't be sandwiched between the pancake!

Come on, if you are as lazy as me, this is the best recipe that I would strongly recommend to you. My room doesn't have any chocolate now and I told myself NOT to buy any chocolate until this Thursday or Friday. In fact the exam is coming soon and I seriously need more chocolate than before. Can I really make it? I don't know, I don't have confidence towards myself, but I will try my best... Goodbye chocolates...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Friends and seniors

Too many things to blog but feel so lazy, so make this post short, let the photos do the speaking. Some photos taken with friends during lunch time at cafeteria, while the others are when we were meeting up with seniors this morning as one of them is coming from Osaka for some important meeting.

Anthony and Thiwanka.
Me, Esther & Pang (PowerPuff Girls =p)
Me and Pang.
On the way cycling to 三鷹, stopped by to buy chocolates!
Han Yee with お土産from大阪.
Fresh banana sponge cake.
Ken with the oily hamburger.
Seniors (Ken, Boon Chiou, Han Yee)
This is mine. Yummy!
Say cheese!
At Skylark Restaurant.
There are zebra crossings everywhere.
Sunny day.
在大热天"做傻" =.="
Lolx =p
Park in front of Mitaka dorm.
Main road.
Tah-da! My bike!
With someone's motorbike.
And back to my bike =p
Park nearby our dorm.
Have to pass by this park everytime going to Mitaka (三鷹)

Friday, June 26, 2009


看看这照片, 能想象那时什么时候拍的吗?
不要怀疑, 那是早晨6点的阳光,
现在快是夏天的季节了, 日长夜短,

爽就30度, 爽就<20度,
爽就大热天, 爽就下大雨,

听起来还有点三八 =p, 但又怎样?
没关系, 一个月后的现在, 我应该是在飞机上吧! =)

听人家说, 日本的夏天还蛮热的,
但是湿度很高, 会感觉周围都是水蒸气,
很难呼吸, 又难排汗, 很"hip"的感觉, 真的这么糟糕吗?

会到「軽米町岩手県」参加10天的homestay programme,
由于是在北部, 夏天的时候会比东京凉,
还蛮想体验一下那种乡下的生活, 应该会很不错吧!

没什么特别了, 纯粹想分享一些其他的校园风景.

合作社外面, 还有些vending machine.
休息节的时候, 没错的话卡片上写着:Samba dance.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Malacca ice kacang & laksa

Last weekend, dad and mum went to Malacca to attend brother-in-law's brother's wedding ceremony (姐夫的哥哥的结婚典礼, 哈哈有点复杂 =.=") It should be a great day, but unfortunately, someone broke into their house at the wedding night and a lot of valuable things, especially angpow, were stolen... I was so shocked and sad when I heard about this. How come such cases happen so frequently in Malaysia? What happen to Malaysia nowadays? It used to be a very nice country, but it's getting worse day by day. What are those xxxx doing? Sleeping all the time? =.=" I'm pretty sure most of us feel very disappointed. Okay however, no matter how, it's still my home country, I miss my home, I miss Penang, and I miss Malacca as well.

Yesterday when I was talking to dad through Skype, he sent me some photos of food in Penang and Malacca. Lolx I wonder when my dad has become like me, started taking food pictures? =p Some are quite blur, so I just posted 2 of them.

Malacca ice kacang. God I miss ice kacang so much!
Laksa in Malacca. I've never tried before, but I guess it tastes good.

Well nevermind, one month later I will be in Penang eating all the famous hawker food yuhoo! =) Two months of Japanese learning, and we are going to finish our 初級日本語 soon, which means there'll be exam before the holiday. I know I am supposed to study now but, oops, 我的心已经在槟城了! Looking forward for the days to come! 楽しみにしている! =)

Gosh, I mix all the languages in this post. Last time was Chinese+English+Malay, it's "rojak" enough already, now add in Japanese somemore =.=" lolx! It seems so cool for knowing 4 languages, but the fact is that, all are 半桶水, 只能够说说几句来“骗吃”! (now add in Hokkien somemore) Anyhow, I think that speaking "rojak" language is the Malaysian's feature, that's why we have rojak in Malaysia. Oops I should really stop talking craps. Penang, I am coming soon! *Proud to be Penang-lang* =p

Sunday, June 21, 2009

My camera ・ My school

Last Sunday, I noticed that Yodobashi Camera, a big company selling all those electrical appliances, were doing promotion on the camera which I was looking for. Spontaneously, I ordered it online, paid at convenient shop on Monday, and I got the camera on Wednesday. This is the first time I shop online and as I know, online shopping is quite common here and it's considered quite reliable. What impressed me is their efficiency. I paid at 5pm on Monday, and I received mail from Yodobashi that they had confirmed my payment at 6pm, and another mail at 9pm said that they were ready to send me the product already. Actually the camera came on Tuesday but since I was not around, they left it at the office of my school. Efficient huh?

My camera and screen protector.
Too bad they didn't come with casing T.T

It's Canon IXY 920IS, which is Ixus 870IS in Malaysia if not mistaken. It's not a new product already, but since I don't like the outlook of the other Canon cameras although they are newer and about the same price, I chose to buy this model. It's big and thick though, for sure the outlook couldn't be compared with others, but for nice pictures, that's what I have to sacrifice, oops! These few days, I was trying to snap some photos but for someone noob like me not really able to capture nice pictures T.T Hmmm, I wish to learn more about photo taking techniques. Here are some photos of my school compound and again, chocolates/food.

View from my balcony.
Bicycle booth.
Something something =pOutside the dorm.Street beside my dorm.
The entrance.
The way from my dorm to school (JLC centre).
Outside JLC centre.
Random snap.Flower outside JLC.
Beside the TUFS building.Morinaga 森永チョコレート =)
Dars Creamy Cocoa.
Carre de chocolat - French milk chocolate.
Balanceup biscuits - chocolate flavour.
Ready-made pancake. Just need to heat it up using microwave oven.
Big thunder.
With chocolate cookies inside.