Thursday, March 25, 2010

Last post before I leave my dorm

Well, this is going to be my last post at the very last night of my stay at this dorm. Time flies. One year has passed and now I have to leave this room. I will be staying at my host family place after that travel to Osaka from tomorrow onwards, and then move to another dorm after I return to Tokyo. I am going to miss my room, especially the balcony because the Todai dorm doesn't have one =( Okay, I am tired of packing these few days and I shall off to the bed soon. Just want to share some pictures when we met up with seniors on Monday and it was the last gathering before Liang Chun and Paul left Tokyo. We wanted to eat Thai food (which seems to be sooo nice) at Shibuya but as usual, it was full again, so we went to this steak house and well it was good and we were satisfied =) They had promotion on that day where the beef was added 50% more for free. So, 6 among 7 of us ordered that but since I cannot eat beef due to religious problem, I was the only one to eat chicken and it was nice!

Wow look at the steak.
This is mine, it's written on the menu 200g of meat?
Steak with rice. Satisfied =)
Went to 電力館 after lunch.
We were actually playing around the corner specially for kids =.="
Look! My picture was on the screen! =p
Bye! Be right back after one week!

Sunday, March 21, 2010


住在7楼的我, 露台的玻璃门有冲击声, 晃啊晃,
望出去宿舍前的大操场更是厉害, 卷起了暴风沙,
真是百闻不如一见, 经历了才体会到有多可怕...

许多地区发出警报, 暴风刮了一整夜,
今早的交通也在强风的影响下出了状况, 暂停运行.
而我则一整晚睡不好觉, 失眠了,
3点多爬起来坐立不安, 用手机上网查看新闻,
可是好夜了, 都该睡了吧?
拿起mp3尝试遮盖强风那可怕的声音, 尝试让自己回到睡眠状态.
好不容易睡了2个小时, 5点多又醒了,

此时此刻, 我才领悟了一些东西.
之前有读过一篇文章, 说明人类需要睡眠,
但在恐惧或生命有危害时, 在脑部的操纵下, 往往已忘了睡眠这回事,
这又令我想起几年前在四川大地震遇难的患难者, 在生死交叉的时刻,
几十个小时甚至算天的, 都在努力的张开眼睛, 保持清醒状态,
为的都是还相信能继续活下去, 坚持着那种求生的意志不是吗?
这里天灾多, 但人民相处等其他种种方面却好很多, 没有那么大问题.
相比之下, 马来西亚幸运多了, 没有天灾的威胁, 但是...
所以我一直都相信上天是公平的, 有好有坏, 有得必有失!

Saturday, March 20, 2010


头发越来越像草, 月底没地方住没时间打理,
想着搬家后要去弄头发了! 0.0
弄卷+上色, 还是干脆弄直算了?
虽然自己的头发看起来蛮多, 但事实上发型师说以前削得太薄了,
现在发尾的部分很稀, 没有重量, 又参差不齐,
但现在有点糟糕了, 不得不"拯救" =.=
一直以来都觉得发型可以大大改变一个人的样子, 不是吗?

就因为这样, 自己好喜欢的又厚又直的发型或许就只能是一场梦.
但到时候要做姐姐的伴娘, 还是先留着比较好吧? =p
在网上找了一些salon, save了一些照片.

喜欢pong pong的头发. 喜欢打大波浪.

这里有个You Tube短片教你如何弄那个big bun,
不妨试一试! =)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

修了式 Graduation ceremony

Yuhoo! We are graduated! "Graduate" means graduated from JLC after one year Japanese course & foundation, but not university haha =.=" Although there are quite a lot of friends graduating from university soon, but I am now only going to enter university hoho. I know it's kind of late but who cares! I will try my best to enjoy my 4 years university life! Oh ya by the way, the interview result was out and from this April onwards, I am officially a 東大生! Tokyo University!!! =D Goodbye JLC. Hello Todai!

We had our 修了式 yesterday. First we got the ceremony, then followed by party and performance. Huhu, formal suit again while some others were in traditional clothes of their home countries. Well, there were few teachers wearing 着物 (kimono) too! Sooo nice but very expensive! I am looking forward to my university graduation because the Japanese wear kimono when they graduate =) Esther and friends played band and it was so nice. We all enjoyed it and there was even teacher crying when Alisson sang sakura song. Sakura, it means a lot to the Japanese, it symbolizes a new start or beginning but at the same time it also means we have come to the end where we have to separate with the loved ones. I will miss my one year in JLC. Take care all my friends!
The Director of JLC.
Giving away the certificate.
JLC teachers.
Group photo! Can you spot me XD
Huhu fruits & cakes!
Sashimi 刺身.
Duy's okaasan and my okaasan =)
Jiyoon & Tid-ti.
Anthony, 菊池先生、横田先生、me.
Kikuchi sensei is sooo cute! =D
Spring semester D class.
The Mongolians with Pang and Kyoon.
Performers for 劇.
So yeng Kusumoto sensei performed too!
Are you drunk, Rado? =p
Oops, why got flash =.=
Alisson with his new look.
I love SUNNY day!
Gift from Duy's okaasan. Thanks!
Thanks so much for the accompany!
I hope the photo can keep the memories of those days we had together.
Oh ya I got this from Kyoon on the White Day. Thanks so much!