Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tokyo Cruise

Oops! Day flies and a week past again 0.0 Went to meet my okaasan and other YWCA "motherS" last Saturday. Nice outing where we went for a cruise, from 日の出 to 浅草, and had Monjyayaki there. Luckily the monjya that I tried this time was sooo much better than the one I tried there during my mum's visit, and it was really a nightmare that I really don't want to recall any of the memory. Not only the food tasted so so, but the service, arghhhh, how could this happen in Japan you know (*#$(*#@& Well, okay just forget about it. I am so much satisfied with this one we had =) And guess what, I met the Malay teacher teaching at my university, happy to talk quite a lot to him although I didn't take his lesson and we were actually communicating using Japanese =.=" Forgive me please, you know how "good" is my Malay eh-um, and actually I wanted to take his class this semester but crashed with my compulsory subject =( Nevermind perhaps I still able to make it during next or next next semester. 17 subjects this sem 0.0 They are a lot enough to kill me already okay =.=" Endless reports and lessons that I couldn't catch up. Popi me please omg!

After we went to 浅草 (Asakusa), I followed my okaasan to 銀座 (Ginza), went to Apple store and stuffs and then went to a bar to drink hoho. Now only I know I really couldn't drink. My okaasan asked the bartender to make me the drink with least alcohol and well, the first one was okay, not much alcohol taste but the second 1 which made by my okaasan's old friend, the bar owner, tasted good actually with yogurt mixed with it but eventually it failed me haha. The alcohol percentage was a little bit higher and he asked me to drink it together with water but I didn't really do so =.=" My face turned red & hot, and I felt myself a little bit blur when I speak 0.0 Luckily I felt better after I kept drinking a lot of water lolx. It was a nice experience actually and this is actually the safest way for me to learn to drink isn't it? It is really nice to have my host family where I actually gain a lot of different experiences here =) Thanks! ★

Meiji Bulgaria yogurt lolx!
The second upcoming Tokyo tower which is still under construction.
And now I know what is the funny golden thing (right in the picture).
It actually belongs to one of the beer company.
(Asahi if my memory doesn't fail me)
Okaasan was making the monjyayaki.
Yaki soba.
Mango flavour.
The first drink.
Can you see there were a lot of vinyl records? Wow!
Ermm I like the atmosphere there =)
Tah-da this is the 2nd drink I mentioned! =p
Hohoho the super nice famous dorayaki sold at Asakusa!
A must to try! =D
Chige chige, I like Korean food =)
Went to the Korean restaurant when meeting up with seniors.
I am turning into him soon as I eat many dorayaki recently and my weight keeps increasing since 2 months ago 0.0