Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Raining season now?

When it's too busy, I keep complaining saying I need more time to do my stuff. When it's too free, I keep complaining saying life is too boring. Sometimes I really think that it's not a good thing to have so much free time this semester, doing not much thing everyday and seldom meet friends due to the different timetables we all have. Watching movies, surfing internet, sleeping and eating - the entertainment of mine while I am alone in my room. The only good thing is I go jogging at night 让我透透气 -.- I was not really fine for the past few weeks until now. As what I did long ago, I cannot control my meal, keep eating to kill the loneliness. Right at the time when I feel worst, he talks to me, telling me I can surely overcome all these if I keep a good mood everyday.

The picture he sent me HAHA so cute!!!
I feel so lucky to have you as my bf

It's still May but it feels like summer now. Big temperature difference during day and night. If it's this hot now, how will it be this coming summer? Moreover, they are having the electricity saving plan for one year long. Can you imagine how to survive in humid summer without aircond/fan??! Raining season (梅雨) should be in June but it seems to come earlier this year. Luckily I just got myself this pair of rainboots, just because I don't want to have my legs wet for the whole day although I know I look like Phua Chu Kang after wearing this XD I opted to go for the simplest design instead of those "fa li fa lok" one. At least Phua Chu Kang is far better than lala yea? XD

Online shopping quite often, ever bought clothes but this is the first time I bought boots via net. Luckily the size fits yaya!

再见, 心形水晶 =(

平时去买日常用品时都是左一包, 右一包, 再加上书包、文件夹等, 总是像个圣诞树一样, 有点狼狈. 前天同样的去买东西, 正要把提在左手的袋子拿下时, 一不小心就扯到手上的水晶链, "saaa...."就这样散落满地. 没记错的话这应该是我第4次的遭遇了, 两次脚水晶链不知不觉断了, 另一次却不小心在试鞋子的时候弄丢了. 无法形容那种难过的心情, 总而言之就是很不喜欢那种感觉, 很难受. 算了, 惟有先收起来等回家时再拿去修. 爸妈早知道我要是弄丢水晶链一定会很难过, 就预先准备新的让我带过来! 谢谢爸妈!

第一个心形的那个弄断了 T.T
今天开始就穿这一个. 顺便净化一下其他的.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mama's Day ♥

Oh no I should have posted this on Sunday. Just because of my last minute job to rush homework (again) so I got no time to blog on Mother's Day =( I really appreciate everything my parent give me and so I am now the one I am. Their endless cares & loves, make me feel that life is so meaningful! I do hope everyone of us appreciate our family, our parent all the time. Never ever regret only when you lose something precious. Till now I remember this saying taught by my primary teacher, "树欲静而风不止,子欲养而亲不在". So, appreciate everything and every single moment you have now ya? Happy Mother's Day!!! =)

My pretty mum during 深圳 trip.
Mum looks gorgeous and dad looks yeng! XD
I you!

Saturday, May 7, 2011


Look at the strawberries! They are just way too sweet! It would be perfect if I can have chocolate fondue to dip with now! Awwww!

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Golden Week 2011

I've almost forgotten about my blog until one of my friend reminded me one day. Started to blog 3 years ago but stopped writing due to the hectic uni life. I guess I have to start blogging again as I am too slack this semester. This should be my honeymoon sem but somehow I still think that being too free is not always a good thing especially when you are alone. I am actually looking for part time job but it's pretty hard to get a short term ( < 3 months) one. This reminds me of the phone call incident happened 2 days earlier, when the HR department from one of those I applied, called me to arrange for interview date & time. I missed to catch some sentences the guy saying and he repeated very rudely with angry tone. Hello! If you wanna scold me please don't use 敬語 and don't discriminate us and please do look at yourself that you know only one language and are you qualified to judge other people like that! We are all still learning! 敬語 is not supposed to be used to scold people can! 你是转一圈来shoot我吧?! T.T My mood just got spoilt after that.

Time flies. This is the 3rd golden week since I came to Japan. Golden week reminds me the days my mum visited last year, those memorable days. I love holidays as u get to hang out with friends u can hardly meet. Everyone is busy on their own lifes. Went to Takao-san (高尾山) last Friday with my uni friends. It was crowded on that day since it's one of the attractions spots, especially for aunties & uncles they are so 元気! They walk a lot and like to go hiking. I think this can be one of the main reason why they averagely live longer than other nations.

Charmine, Lili, Lin Hui & Kevin.
Hokkaido soft cream. Yummy!
ごま団子 (sesame dango)

I didn't know that there are actually so many JPA students in Japan until I went to this gathering on Tuesday. This is the first time I join their activities and wow, really a lot of them. However, I just went to play sports in the morning, followed by the potluck session for lunch then some of my seniors and I decided to leave. We had a great time together chatting for hours until being chased by the waiter HAHA then we changed location and continued our "pat-kua session". It feels really great to meet people from your place, having endless chit chats and all your loneliness just gone! I wish we can meet up and yamcha together more often!

Bi Hong's treat! Thanks a lot and wish you all the best for your career!
Lin Hui, Qoo, Kae Lin & Bi Hong.
Thanks Qoo for the BR!
イースターパーテイー & ツインベリーチーズケーキ
Easter Party & Twinberry cheesecake. Best combination ever!!!
Thumbs up !!

Kae lin heard about this place called 馬喰町 from the variety show 女人我最大, that there are many wholesale shops where some of the Taiwan wholesaler normally get their fashion products from this place. So, we decided to explore this place but disappointingly, all the shops closed due to golden week holidays perhaps. The place was soooo quiet and just seemed to be a 鸟不生蛋的地方 XD We left the place and went to 東京駅 after that. The station itself has many things to see and shop. The bad thing is the place is a bit confusing and we lost our ways for N times within that few hours -.- Had a great fun together with them and this is indeed a good mouth exercise for talking nonstop HAHA!

Korean food. Me and Kae Lin's favourites.
Second BR within 24 hours XD
They are having promotions for golden week, 290yen for 2 scoops instead of the original 430yen! I really love their flavours in Japan.
ブルーベリーパンナコッタ & チョコチップクッキードー
Blueberry Panna Cotta & Chocolate Chips Cookie Dough
Dinner time.
元気 for Japan!

I haven't been really chatting or talking to him for about one month already. Perhaps this is normal for LDR (long distance relationship). However, I believe we can overcome all these. I am so much looking forward for our summer break vacations! =)

Asked me to videocall but he himself didn't on the camera -.- ZZzzzzz