Sunday, June 20, 2010

Night jogging

Just back from jogging.
Night jogging makes me feel good!
Recalled a lot of memories as well.

It's summer!
I like sunny day but I don't want to get tanned =(
But what to do, I have to cycle everyday ...
And because of this, I also hate the rainy season now.
I don't want to cycle under rain =(
(this you don't want that you don't want what you want then?

Okay, well, I know I am very random haha.
Anyway, Happy father's day!
爸爸, 父亲节快乐!
Can't wait to go home and gather with you all =D

Saturday, June 19, 2010


My dear blog, I neglected you again as I was really busy with my uni life recently =( It's time for me to have a little update though.

Half a month ago, it was the Tokyo University annual May Festival (五月祭) at Hongo campus. There were a lot of food stalls selling different food and I was there to help for Malaysian stall selling ROTI CANAI =p It might be better for me to say I was just there to be "kepo" in fact, lolx, for standing beside the stall and shouted,

(Would you like to try Malaysia food? It's delicious!)

Moreover, I didn't help out my classmates at their stall selling takoyaki as I was at the Malaysian stall for the whole day 0.0 You should know how clever was I that I brought my camera on that day, wanted to take some photos of the festival, but realised that I brought my camera without the battery inside =.= So, again how "clever" am I to "steal" the photos from others to post it here and share with you all bwuhaha *evil laugh*

I would say it tasted good actually!
Weird random people promoting his food =.=
Hongo campus.
The Akamon (赤門) which is one of the famous landmarks of Hongo campus.
Another random people lolx.

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Feel so happy for sister & bro-in-law for their new house!
I can't wait to attend the wedding!
Wait for me! (because I'm going to be the bridesmaid) =p
全心祝福你们! =D