Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Anthony's 21st birthday

It's kind of late for me to post it now. Anthony's birthday was on 5th of Feb, and we went to La' Pausa restaurant for pizza & pasta buffet dinner. It was double the price of the buffet we usually have, but I would say, how much you pay and how much you get, where I found this buffet was really nice! We made reservation and went in a group of 12. I like it so much because not only the pasta & pizza were nice, this buffet is not self-service, which is different with most of other buffet. You can order ANY pizza or pasta from the normal menu, then they will go and prepare and make it and serve it 热腾腾 for you lolx! It's so nice isn't it? Well, it's so cold recently. The colder it is, the thicker we wear, the more we eat =.=" I used to wear 3 layers last time but now, 5?! lolx! Okay, here go photos! (p/s: just took the photos of some pizza & pasta)

And this is when we went to karaoke after that.
Why karaoke again? Perhaps it's the only entertainment in Japan =.="


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