Saturday, July 30, 2011

A special day of?

Why is it so good today?
It's just simply because ...

* I heard David Tao's song once I tuned on the online FM this morning

* the weather is just nice with some little rain in the morning

* went for sushi alone after about 1 week+ since the last time I had it

... etc. but most important is that

it's my best friend's GRADUATION DAY today!!!

The day of 3 years ago, I was in NTU having the MSA freshmen orientation together with her. Three years later I have already left Singapore and she has done her degree! I feel bad for not being able to attend her graduation ceremony. The days of 7 months being at NTU, with her as my roomie to share every single moment, be it happiness or the sh*tty one, I really enjoyed my days and thanks for everything! Sometimes things change when one grows up but there are always certain things would never easily change, just like I love David's song as much as 12 years ago, just like our 17-years-friendship as good as it has always been =)

Happy Graduation Soo Chia!!!

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Soo Chia said...

omg I feel so touched. *sobz. and that's our latest photo huh? we need to meet up soon and take more pichassss! :D