Sunday, November 1, 2009

Tomyam Mee

I brought the tomyam spice with me when I went back to Msia 2 months ago, but I was so lazy to cook it and FINALLY i prepared my very own tomyam mee for lunch just now! =D

A bit too much until it overflows =.= lolx! About one and a half month later I can eat the real tomyam mee back at home hooray! (Okay, stop dreaming. Go and write your essay ... 0.0)


asaKura YoH said...

hey..i oso cooked tomyam mee for lunch just ngam de..hehe..yours is bihun, mine is mee.haha..

Cory said...

hehe so ngam! i miss cintan mee omg!
yday i saw someone last time jit sin one cookin tomyam also, lolx
yday was tomyam day =p

asaKura YoH said...

haha..had tomyam mee again for the next day with the leftover too much tomyam till body feeling hot din export cintan mee over there meh?